Tuckman Assessment – 5 Steps to High Performance

The Tuckman Assessment is a tool that can align leadership styles with where teams and individuals are in terms of growth and maturity. Once you know what stage you are in you can utilize tools to perform at a higher “PACE” and achieve greater success.

Monarch Papers

Being a leader can sometimes be challenging. Download The Monarch Papers to learn more about growing as a leader and maximizing your team’s potential.

How have your boundaries been pushed this year?

Pushing boundaries may make us feel uncomfortable because that involves stretching ourselves out of our safe/secure and comfort/known zone. Now, the challenge is figuring out how we can keep this game-changer way of living and continue to push our boundaries intentionally, making us feel safe and secure, along with transforming ourselves on a continuous basis. Learn more about Transcendence and how pushing your boundaries can help you transform as a leader during challenging times.

 Are Your Values And Vision Aligned In This Crisis? 

Currently, there is an overwhelming flow of information about crisis management. As leaders, we need to understand when to intervene when things are not progressing as desired. How can we respond and take action towards reverting this global pandemic we are experiencing?

Now is the ideal time to put your values and vision to the test above the situation. 

Transform in 2020

BEING A LEADER, you have the ability and aspiration to guide your team to achieve a common goal, but it can sometimes be challenging. These challenges can impact every facet of your business from having disengaged employees to inefficiencies and internal conflicts to not meeting sales goals. The key is to align your leadership style with your team to inspire growth and maximize potential.

Empathy in Leadership – Why It Matters

It’s hard to overestimate just how important empathy is in creating—and leading—a successful business. Learn more about the Empathy model and how it can increase employee engagement and productivity. 

Increase Productivity with the Flow Model

Are you in Flow with your business? Flow is a mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. Learn more about the Flow Model and how it can increase employee engagement and productivity.

Take Action Towards Your Own Metamorphosis

The meaning of the word is related to transform, to change and evolve, and is the center of Transformative Leadership. It´s a call to action for leaders to transform, similar to the Monarch butterfly. Leaders need to take action towards their own transformation process, not only on the outside as it impacts daily decisions, but also on the inside as a person.

How Can We Inspire Others as Leaders?

Today, the world is calling for help. What is our true character and calling? This is the time to show who we really are with our people, our businesses, our families and our communities. Downloading our Monarch Paper and find out if you are inspiring others as leaders today.

What Role Does Simplicity Play In Your Life?

The challenge is while the economy comes back gradually, are the new habits here to stay? Simplicity plays a major role in our lives now. Are we willing to keep it that way? One of the lessons being in quarantine can teach us is to be aligned with simplicity and resilience. Learn about what role simplicity can play in your life and in your business by downloading the Simplicity Monarch Paper today.

Empathy, Apathy and Antipathy in Leadership

There are differences between empathy, apathy, and antipathy. Learn about what roles they can play in your life and in your business by downloading the Empathy, Apathy and Antipathy in Leadership Monarch Paper today.

The Tuckman Stages

The Tuckman Stages are a critical element of transformational leadership, as an effective tool for leaders. Let’s explore the most effective type of leadership based on which stage your team is currently in by downloading The Tuckman Stages monarch paper today.

Team Growth
Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry is a term used to differentiate between the scientific management approach (Taylor 1919) and the strength base approach (Cooperrider 1987). The goal of the scientific management approach is to define what isn’t working and finding a solution to the problem. On the other hand, the goal of the strength base approach is to define what is working and seeing the best in the situation. As leaders, by following the strength base approach, we are able to spot and embrace the talents of our team.


We are designed to have blind spots, which are the biggest opportunities to increase the level of conscience. Uncover the blind spots in your team today.


Entitativity can measure a person’s willingness to blend into the group, and it’s easier to blend when the identity of the group is clear. When the values, direction, and leadership are clear; individuals can have a better sense of belonging. In this instance, the individual knows the identity of the group and will choose to blend in.

The Monarch Advantage™

The Monarch Advantage™ is a unique perspective for leaders and organizations. This integrative methodology, called CORE, brings together Coaching, Counseling, Mentoring and Consulting. CORE is a proven integrative and holistic approach that utilizes each method depending on the needs of the person or organization. Combined, these provide a powerful tool that delivers high impact and transcendence so the person or organization can maximize their potential.


Learn more about the tools you can use to identify what stage you are in as a leader, avoid challenges, improve team dynamics, and increase productivity and communication for you and your team.

Incomplete List of Feelings

Who do you want to be as a leader and what does it mean to you? Having clear answers to these questions can bring awareness to who you are as a leader and inspire you to grow as an individual. In addition, you can better identify your strengths and areas of opportunities which can help you maximize your potential in business and in life.


Have you ever been in a meeting and wondered “What is my win for this meeting?” Start by asking yourself “What is the one thing you want to accomplish?”


Get your team on the path to high performance with the Tuckman leadership tool. Start by taking our Tuckman Assessment to identify which stage your team is currently in.


Stop, Start And Continue is a tool used in strategic planning and many companies. During this exercise, ask your team to tell you 2-3 things you need to stop doing, start doing, and continue doing. This can help reduce the blind window and provide feedback on how everyone is working together and what they can do to improve.

Webinars & Video

Are you growing, declining or somewhere in between? Watch our webinars and videos to gain insights about leadership roles to define your stage of growth and discover hidden opportunities.

Webinar: Eliminate Blind Spots

Eliminate Blind Spots

As human beings, we are designed to have blind spots in the human body.

For example, the back of your neck – we would need to use two mirrors to see or have someone tell us. The same applies when interacting with others. We also have blind spots in our behavior and those can be the greatest area of opportunity to increase our level of consciousness. Blind spots can do a lot of damage when it comes to leadership. They not only impact the leader, but they also affect the entire team. Learn how you can utilize the Johari Window approach to avoid challenges for you and your team’s blind spots in the future. In addition, you’ll have a tool to strengthen your team.

Video: Whirlpool WonderWomen Symposium

Whirlpool WonderWomen Symposium

It’s estimated that 45% of Whirlpool’s team is female and many among that number occupy leadership roles. Jesús had the honor to speak about the role of empathy. View his presentation in this featured video.

Webinar: How To Be A Transformative Leader

How To Be a Transformative Leader

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different stages of growth. The key to growth is knowing which leadership stage you and your team are in.  Are you growing, declining or somewhere in between?  Are you working in alignment to maximize your full potential?

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Monarch 100 is a program to help you bring awareness to where you are as a leader and increase your leadership skills. By answering one question each day and identifying the meaning behind your answers with the 100 Leadership Questions book, it can help you transform as an individual and a more inspirational leader.

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