Are the decisions you are making aligning with your values and vision? Currently, there is an overwhelming flow of information about crisis management. As leaders, we need to understand when to intervene when things are not progressing as desired. How can we respond and take action towards reverting this global pandemic we are experiencing?

One thing I would like to bring to light is the importance of having clarity on your own values and vision. During a crisis, knowing your true values and vision can make a difference in the way you react to the situation.

Now is the ideal time to put your values and vision to the test above the situation. Are the decisions you are making in this crisis aligning with your values and vision? If not, what can you do to align them?

Take this opportunity to rise to the occasion as a leader and lead by example to inspire others to follow the same path. After this
crisis has passed, will you be proud of what you have accomplished? Did you set a good example for your family, employees and your community?

The Monarch Advantage is a useful tool to rely on during uncertainty. Be a leader, Be proud, Be an inspiration, make a difference today.

Download the Monarch Advantage paper, these are times when alignment is crucial.

Transformative Leadership

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. The key to growth is knowing which leadership stage you and your team are in. As founder of Monarch Leaders, Jesús de la Garza specializes in transforming the way leaders think through Transformative Leadership. This approach brings awareness to where leaders and their teams are in terms of their leadership cycle and inspires growth to reach new heights.