"Jesus delivers with great warmth, curiosity, and humility."

Maximize the Impact of Your Next Event

No one likes a boring lecture from a stiff speaker. You and your team deserve an inspiring experience – one you walk away from feeling excited, aligned, and ready to take action.

When you engage Jesus as your partner, you’ll get a customized program designed to meet your goals and empower your group.


Real Life Results Backed by Research

Jesus de la Garza brings a unique blend of real-world business experience and academic credentials in psychology, counseling, and entrepreneurial leadership. He understands the challenges teams and individuals must overcome to reach their highest potential.

Jesus has led nearly 800 sessions and seminars worldwide on empathy, equilibrium, team alignment, and other leadership topics.

A Whole New Level of Value and Connection

“Before our retreat with Jesus, we felt that we had a high functioning seminar. But, thanks to Jesus’ patient and positive coaching, we realized we could reach a whole new level of value and connection. We got outstanding value from the retreat—and that value will carry on for years in deeper updates, a more involved and participatory structure, and a stronger connection between meetings.”

Dan Emery

Great Experience

“The seminar was a great experience. It helped me realize what I want to have more and less of in the path of my life and how to structure my ideal day to make it happen. It also gave me a lot of clarity by helping me understand that I have two types of values: my aspirations and my imperatives which are non-negotiable in my life. I highly recommend it.”

Ricardo Villarreal
Founder/CEO, Landmark Communities

A Journey Full of Meaning

“Jesus de la Garza delivers valuable guidelines for a self-discovery journey full of meaning and personal growth. Introspection and self-awareness are the main experiences in his outstanding Equilibrium Seminar.”

Amador Garza
Partner, Metaltek Center

Tailored and Transformational

“Jesus tailored the style and the content to meet the needs of our members. We covered so many incredible ways to make the most of our EO Forum time together. As the moderator, I left with a plan to maximize our members’ EO total experience as leaders and learners. Most importantly, Jesus made himself available to me for additional support, guidance, and validation of our next steps. I feel that our workshops will be forever shaped by Jesus’s impact. It was transformational.”

Michelle B. Douglas, Ed.D.

Reconnected With My Purpose

“I took the 1st module of the Monarch Leaders seminar, the process was very simple to reconnect with my purpose and shape my priorities in the short, medium and long term. The silent retreat was one of my priorities in the short term and it was fulfilled one week after taking the workshop.”

Victor Romero
CEO, JSP Soluciones

Relaxed and Trusting Environment

“Jesus makes us aware of personal topics and helps us talk about balancing our lives. The relaxed and trusting environment allows you to rethink how you live your life.”

Rodrigo Antunez
Partner, Cross Border Investments

I Started Dreaming Again

“When looking for inspiration to shape myself in the new reality, I was searching outside for input until I experienced a Monarch Seminar. Within minutes of reflection about questions like ‘What are my dreams and aspirations,’ Jesus reminded me the drive is still inside me. After 12 months of survival mode, listening to Jesus and myself, and being inspired by my peers forecasting an active and promising future, made me “Start Dreaming” again. So let’s start…”

Laura Garza
CEO, Laura Garza & Associates

Achieve Greater Levels of Success

Jesus draws on a deep background in academic research and his own experience as an entrepreneur and CEO to empower leaders, teams, and organizations to maximize their potential.

As a researcher, Jesus is constantly developing new topics to help leaders and businesses be their best. If you’re searching for something other than the below topics, contact us to learn what new content is in progress with Monarch Leaders. 



Some authors say life balance is a utopia. Others talk about life harmony. Equilibrium is a more realistic approach. You will learn tools that will help you be more aware of different aspects of equilibrium and decide for yourself.

Download the Equilibrium Seminar flyer.

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The Importance of Empathy

To to be empathetic with someone, you must have clarity about feelings, context, and behaviors. Learn more in this seminar. You will strengthen your empathy skills, improve collaboration and create more innovative, productive, and satisfying experiences in your daily life.

Download a flyer about the Empathy Seminar.

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High Performing Teams

What stage is your team in? Is your leadership style the most effective for that stage? In this seminar, you’ll learn about the Tuckman stages, take an assessment with your team. Discover how you can build alignment and maturity so that your team performs at the highest levels.

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Transformative Leadership

Great leaders ask the right questions. In this seminar, you’ll reflect on a series of crucial questions and uncover strengths and opportunities. You’ll use a powerful tool called the Monarch 100 and leave the seminar with a simple practice that will have powerful results.

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Inspiring Experiences for Any Group Size

Whether he’s facilitating an intimate workshop for ten executives or speaking to an audience of thousands, Jesus adapts his content to be effective and interactive. He engages attendees through live Q&As, work in pairs, and facilitated small group discussions.

Jesus is committed to each attendee truly processing and learning from his delivery. To that end, he will work with you to craft a speaking format that will best meet the needs of your group and your event.

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