The Monarch 100

Become a more aware and effective leader by answering this powerful series of leadership questions.

How much can you change in 100 days? 

We invite you to find out.

The Monarch 100 Questions is an opportunity for daily self-reflection and confidential journaling. This free platform provides daily writing prompts that will encourage you to think deeply about your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Here at Monarch Leaders, we are passionate about empowering all people to be their best. But no one can grow or change without understanding who they are and where they want to go. Take the first step in growth and begin this journey.


The interactive web experience works on any device and includes:

  • A private log-in to access the questions
  • A daily, thought-provoking question that will help you reflect and grow
  • Fields to provide a short or long answer and even upload an image that speaks to your answer
  • A daily email will remind you to log in
  • Access your previous answers and ability to add more thoughts as new ideas come
  • Only you can see your responses; they are completely private

Prefer writing over typing? Check out the Monarch 100 book below!

“By transforming the way you think, you can bring more awareness to your leadership style and be a more effective leader.”

Jesus de la Garza


100 Leadership Questions

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. Jesus’s book, 100 Leadership Questions, is a guide to identify your strengths and areas of growth to transform into the leader you were meant to be.

Through writing prompts and self-reflection, you will uncover deeper insights into your own unique leadership journey.

Inspires Me

“Most leadership books give you good ideas but no process for action. This is the first leadership book I have seen that inspires me to actually use it!”

Greg Crabtree
Author and Partner at Carr, Riggs & Ingram

Wonderful Resource

“Great leaders don’t have all the answers; they ask the right questions. Jesus De La Garza has developed a wonderful resource to help leaders better reflect by asking the right questions of themselves and their teams.”

Robert Glazer
Founder & CEO, Acceleration Partners

Become a Mulitplier Leader

“This book is a good partner during the leadership journey for any leader who wants to have empathy, clarity and humbleness, and wants to become a multiplier leader for other leaders.”

Gilberto Crombé
Founder & CEO of The RE-GROUP, Past EO Global Chair

Valuable Gift for Leadership Development

“Your book, 100 Leadership Questions, is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to improve their leadership skills and thinking. The questions coupled with the ability to write the answers causes one to ponder the answers before reacting. You have given us a valuable gift for personal leadership development and the ability to assist others who are on the same journey.”

Warren Rustand
CEO, Speaker, Author, Dean of the 10 Leadership Academy

A Great Way to Get to Know Ourselves Better

“I was excited to put Jesus’ book to work with my team the day I received it. We traded answers and it led to great discussion, bonding, inspiration, and clarity. I strongly recommend this excellent tool, either for individual use or for teamwork. It’s a great way to get to know ourselves better.”

Cat Hoke Jackson
Hustle 2.0

Growing in Awareness

“Each morning, as part of my routine, I answer a question from Monarch’s 100 Leadership Questions book. Some are easy for me. Some are hard. They all have me looking deeper inside myself and growing in awareness of who I really am.”

Brian Brault
Entrepreneur, Coach, Past EO Global Chair, Founder of Legacy of Significance

Empowered to Transform the World

“Jesus de la Garza challenges us to dig deep and question what we stand for. When we truly know what we stand for, we are empowered to transform the world around us.”

Winnie Hart
Author, Speaker, Founder of TwinEngine