About Monarch Leaders™

As the founder of Monarch, Jesús specializes in consulting with organizations to build high performing teams. This approach empowers leaders and team to reach their full potential, builds team alignment and inspires growth to reach new heights.

With over 30 years of experience and master’s degrees in both business and counseling, Jesús has a background in psychology, counseling, and entrepreneurial leadership which gives him a unique perspective of human behavior and understanding the challenges teams and individuals face in group interactions. He has also created the Monarch Model™, a diagnostic tool for groups, and The Monarch Advantage™, a process to empower leaders, their teams and organizations grow and maximize their potential. By aligning leadership styles with where teams and individuals are in terms of growth and maturity and providing them with tools to strengthen their skills,  teams will achieve greater levels of success and perform at higher levels.

Jesús is an active member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) for the past 24 years, a global non-profit organization for entrepreneurs. He has facilitated over 700 workshops with different groups around the world and has served on the EO Global Board of Directors. Jesús has created and facilitated sessions on leadership, high-performance groups, and life-planning, among other topics. Jesús has received recognition and numerous awards from EO chapters and organizations around the globe. Learn more about Monarch Leaders™.

Working with Jesus is an absolute pleasure. His insights and recommendations were fantastic; helping to improve team dynamics, culture, and camaraderie of our group. The process, tools, and techniques that Jesus offered allows every leader on the team to maximize individual potential.

Praveen Ramanathan, Ayantek

Certifications and Expertise

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Counseling with Specialty in Groups
  • EO Leadership Academy
  • Entrepreneurial Master Program
  • College of Executive Coaching: Personal and Executive
  • Return of the Master Minds
  • Situational Leadership: Coaching and Leaders
  • Forum Trainer
  • Moderator Trainer
  • Forum Workshops
  • Forum Sherpa Master Facilitator
  • Massachusetts Workforce Learning Certification


Crafting a legacy together with giving back are both strong drivers in his life, Jesús does pro-bono work in Monterrey for Hombre Renovado, a rehabilitation center for minors.

A restless world traveler, Jesús has visited more than 62 countries, having worked in more than 30. He is an expert in group dynamics and holds a firm conviction that groups can change the world. When he isn’t traveling the world helping others accomplish their goals, Jesús enjoys watching movies, reading and trekking.


Monarch 100 is a program to help you bring awareness to where you are as a leader and increase your leadership skills. By answering one question each day and identifying the meaning behind your answers with the 100 Leadership Questions book, it can help you transform as an individual and a more inspirational leader.

You can also answer the questions by downloading the Monarch Leaders™ app. In the app, you will:

  • Receive one new question each day
  • Access resources and tools
  • Learn more about The Monarch Advantage™ and more