Walk Away With a Win (WAWAW)

Have you ever been in a meeting and wondered “What is my win for this meeting?” Learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your meetings with one simple tool.

Start by asking yourself, “What is the one thing I want to accomplish?

For example, do you want to…

  1. Motivate the team to meet a deadline?
  2. Get inspiration to maximize your strengths?
  3. Solve a challenge?
  4. Define priorities?

By asking yourself this simple question, you will most likely accomplish your “win”. Once you experience WAWAW, it can easily be applied within your team.

As leaders, we need to be aware of the importance of WAWAW. Imagine if in every meeting with your team, everyone defines their WAWAW and at the end of the meeting they walk away with their “win”.

Imagine the impact this will have on motivation and engagement. This tool is also proven to have an effect on the perception of value.

I, personally, have applied WAWAW in many meetings and have noticed that engagement is much higher, especially in longer ones.

WAWAW can be applied outside of work as well – with your family and friends too.

Download the Monarch Paper below as a quick reference.

And give it a try in your next meeting!

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Monarch Paper: Walk Away With a Win

Maximize Your Strengths

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