The lotus flower blossoms in the middle of the mud to become a beautiful gift of nature. It does not stop growing under any circumstances or adversity. As leaders, this is the time for us to blossom in the midst of this chaotic environment, rise to the occasion and show what we are made of.

Today, the world is calling for help.
What is our true character and calling? This is the time to show who we really are with our people, our businesses, our families and our communities. How much are we willing to give? How often are we acting on the situation vs. reacting? It is important to understand the challenges that represent our long-term thinking. I invite you to think 100 days from now. What will be the potential new reality? Ask yourself these Leadership Awareness questions to bring awareness to who you can be as a leader and inspire you to grow as an individual.

Now is the ideal time to put your values and vision to the test above the situation. Are the decisions you are making in this crisis aligning with your values and vision? If not, what can you do to align them?

During these challenging times, alignment is crucial.
Sometimes, debriefing needs to be done daily or multiple times a day. The idea is to do it according to your values as mentioned in last month’s article, Align Your Values and Vision.

Recently, I have connected with a client and agreed that now is a great opportunity to reevaluate his team. Now more than ever, we are in survival mode. In this situation, it is more critical to give ourselves a bit of space to think again, be introspective and look forward.

The things I thought were imperative in my life, are not anymore.
For instance, traveling was one of my pleasures in life, but now I am shifting to learning more about virtual technology and exercising. When and where do I stop compromising with my old thoughts and my old convictions? This new experience has given me a reality check and put me at a sudden halt with no advance notice. I can relate to people who are experiencing sudden turns in life and understand how traumatic this can be.

Looking at the lotus flower analogy gives me hope to blossom during adversity. It gives me the certainty to make the necessary adjustments to live a more fulfilled life that is surrounded by the people I love and care for, care less for material possessions, and to become an inspirational leader. Now, I have more clarity than in the past about the difference between the things I need and the things I want and become a source of inspiration like the lotus flower.

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