Simplicity in Life and Business

Simplicity is a powerful tool to use as a leader. When you simplify a concept, you gain a deeper understanding and more clarity.

Simplicity is a concept that we used to talk about frequently before COVID-19. This concept has taken a more protagonist role after the quarantine. Think about the things you considered important before the pandemic, then think about those now.

Are they relevant today? Make a list and compare. You will be surprised by the differences.

What role does simplicity play in your life?

I have now made changes in my life that I thought were too far away to achieve. Prior to the pandemic, I used to travel 3 days a week on average. Then I was at home for over two months and asked myself, “Do I want to go back to that way of life?” Possibly not.

My life is simpler now. I walk for one hour in the morning and one hour in the afternoon. I have lunch at home almost every day (when I’m not in the office by myself). I have more time to be with my family, a much healthier diet, and time to read and write. My working hours are more efficient now, and my quality of life has increased. This sudden halt has made me value more of what I have and not worry too much about what I do not have. It is one of the lessons being in quarantine has taught me – to be aligned with simplicity and resilience.

What role does simplicity play in your business?

In my business, are we going to go back to the old way of interacting now that it is proven to be more effective working from home? Not entirely. I am considering proposing to my staff to work from home at least two days out of the week, among other measures.

Experts say it takes 21 days to change a habit, and this situation has been much longer than 21 days. Which of the habits that we have adopted during the quarantine will stay? This is a question we will answer in a few months from now. Are we going to remember this experience as life-changing or just part of the stories to tell future generations? Only time will tell.

The challenge is while the economy comes back gradually, are the new habits here to stay? Simplicity plays a major role in our lives now. Are we willing to keep it that way?

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