Build an Incredible Team and Reach New Heights

Jesus de la Garza is a speaker, author, and consultant who empowers you and your organization to grow and succeed.


Build an Incredible Team and Reach New Heights

Jesus de la Garza is a speaker, author, and consultant who empowers you and your organization to grow and succeed.


What is Monarch Leaders?

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Gain insight on leadership, empathy, life balance, team building, and more.

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The Monarch 100 provides a guided exploration of your strengths and opportunities.

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Clear Analysis

“Monarch made a clear analysis of the company culture and made it easy for people to follow a process for continuous improvement. The sense of belonging has increased using the methodology. We highly recommend Monarch Leaders for any company that is looking to maximize their teams.”

Rafael Sierra
Founder & CEO, ESPA

A Lasting Impact

“Jesus greeted each of us at the door with a handshake, and he was well attuned to the needs of the audience. The program was thought provoking and insightful. It has had a lasting impact. I continue to gain awareness about my own personal and professional growth using the tools he provided.”

Miranda Barrett
Capacity to Scale

Steadfastly Guiding Us Towards Growth

“Jesus was an excellent facilitator; strong, patient and humble enough to give space for our passionate members to question and grapple with new information while steadfastly guiding us towards growth.”

Dan Emery

His Insights Were Fantastic

“Working with Jesus is an absolute pleasure. His insights and recommendations were fantastic; helping to improve team dynamics, culture, and camaraderie of our group. The process, tools, and techniques that Jesus offered allows every leader on the team to maximize individual potential.”

Praveen Ramanathan
President, Ayantek

Instrumental in Our Growth

“Jesus has been instrumental in our growth. His guidance has helped us navigate through many issues that we were ill equipped to handle. And his frameworks & processes are brilliant, which has allowed us to really perform at a very high level. We’ve hired him many times now and will continue to do so.”

Josh Turner
Founder & CEO, LinkedSelling

Simply the Best

“Jesus is simply the best I’ve seen in 26 years moderating now 8 workshops. He’s worth every penny if you are interested in going to the next level of intimacy and learning the most sophisticated tools. First rate, cutting edge process to advance your workshops.”

Ron Barshop

Great Warmth, Curiosity, and Humility

“I’ve worked closely with Jesus for the past 15 years in a variety of roles from leadership to forum training to facilitating retreats. He always delivers his content with great warmth, curiosity, and humility. His experience in both entrepreneurship and academic research uniquely qualifies him to speak on the psychology of leadership, purpose, and focus.”

Brian Brault
Entrepreneur, Coach, Past EO Global Chair, Founder of Legacy of Significance

His Facilitation Skills Are Extreme

“I’ve worked off and on with Jesus de la Garza for six or seven years. Jesus is a rare combination of very high IQ and very high EQ, his facilitation skills are extreme. I highly recommend Jesus.”

Don Williams

The Monarch Advantage™

A Proven Process for Growth

Each year, Jesus works with a select group of leaders to implement The Monarch Advantage™ in their businesses. The integrative methodology can be used to boost performance in many areas:

  • Build Effective Teams
  • Develop Leaders
  • Achieve Goals
  • Grow Company Culture
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Maximize Strengths

Partner With Jesus to Elevate Your Organization

1. Contact Us

We customize seminars and keynotes to best meet the needs of your group. Let us know about your event and we’ll schedule a call with Jesus.

2. Talk with Jesus

Jesus is committed to maximizing the learning and growth of attendees. He will craft a custom experience to meet your needs.

3. Reach New Heights

Grow and succeed with new insights and take-away tools designed to help you put learnings into practice.

“You become a more effective leader when you understand what stage you, your team and your business are in. This is a crucial element for success.”

Jesus de la Garza

Maximize Your Strengths

Monarch 100 helps you gain awareness about where you stand as a leader, focus on your individual strengths, and discover where you can improve your skills. Reflect on one leadership question each day and grow as a transformative leader.