We build team alignment and inspire growth to reach new heights.

During these challenging times when we’re not all working in the same environment, how do we connect with our team? How can we continue to build company culture?

To empower leaders and teams to reach their full potential, we have developed a workshop to guide them through a process called The Monarch Advantage.

The Monarch Advantage is a process to empower leaders, their teams and organizations to grow and maximize their potential.


Growth Leadership Discussion with Summa Institute

What does being a leader mean to you? Listen to Jesus de la Garza’s discussion with podcast host, Naty Arrieta, of the Summa Institute and learn about the most powerful tools that can help leaders maximize their strengths and reach success.

The MONARCH Advantage™

The Monarch Advantage™ is a process that empowers leaders, their teams and organizations to grow and maximize their potential. By aligning leadership styles with where teams and individuals are in terms of growth and maturity and providing tools to strengthen skills, teams will perform at a higher “PACE” and achieve greater success.


Increase Team Performance
to Achieve Business and
Leadership Goals


Build Team
Alignment and
Inspire Growth


Commit to
Taking Action
and Reach
Full Potential


Empower Teams
to Gain Clarity
and Confidence

“You become a more effective leader when you understand what stage you, your team and your business are in. This is a crucial element for success.”



Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. The key to growth is knowing where you stand as a leader, focusing on your individual strengths and knowing where you can improve your skills.

By answering one question each day and identifying the meaning behind your answer with the free Monarch Leaders™ app, it can help you grow as an individual and a more inspirational leader.