“Jesus is simply the best I’ve seen in 26 years moderating now 8 workshops. He’s worth every penny if you are interested in going to the next level of intimacy and learning the most sophisticated tools. First rate, cutting edge process to advance your workshops.”

Ron Barshop, CEO, Beacon Clinics

“I’ve worked off and on with Jesus De La Garza for six or seven years. Jesus is a rare combination of very high IQ and very high EQ, his facilitation skills are extreme. I highly recommend Jesus.”

Don Williams, CEO, Don Williams Global

Jesus tailored the style and the content to meet the needs of our members in his presence. In a short time, we covered so many incredible ways to make the most of our EO Forum time together. As the moderator, I left with a plan to maximize our members’ EO total experience as leaders and learners. Most importantly, Jesus made himself available to me for additional support, guidance, and validation of our next steps. While we may not be in close geographic proximity, I feel that our workshops will be forever shaped by Jesus’s impact; it was transformational.

Michelle B. Douglas, Ed.D., Chief Executive Officer, Hynes Charter Schools

“Jesus has been instrumental in our growth. His guidance has helped us navigate through many issues that we were ill equipped to handle. And his frameworks & processes are brilliant, which has allowed us to really perform at a very high level. We’ve hired him many times now and will continue to do so.”

Josh Turner, Founder & CEO, LinkedSelling

“Working with Jesus is an absolute pleasure. His insights and recommendations were fantastic; helping to improve team dynamics, culture, and camaraderie of our group. The process, tools, and techniques that Jesus offered allows every leader on the team to maximize individual potential.”

Praveen Ramanathan, Ayantek

“Conocí a Jesús en una capacitación en The Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO),
en la que plenamente me vi identificado y atraído por su manera de profundizar en situaciones críticas empresariales, posteriormente lo contacté, actualmente estamos trabajando dentro de mi compañía donde he logrado una serie de toma de decisiones que ha dado por resultado grandes logros empresariales, sin duda un gusto el que Jesús aceptara el ser el asesor principal dentro de mi organización.”

Gabriel Echeverria, CEO XGR

Before our retreat with Jesus de la Garza, we felt that we had a high functioning seminar. But, thanks to Jesus' patient and positive coaching, we realized that we could reach a whole new level of value and connection. We got outstanding value from the retreat by itself--and that value will carry on for years in deeper updates, a more involved and participatory structure, and a stronger connection during the days and weeks between meetings. Jesus was an excellent facilitator; strong, patient and humble enough to give space for our passionate members to question and grapple with new information while steadfastly guiding us towards growth.

Dan Emery, EO NYC

“Jesús de la Garza, colega y amigo, me invitó a ser su discípula en su tipo de terapia, colaborando en SER FAMILIA por más de un año, con terapias de gpo e individuales, buscando la Autoconciencia, estar presente y atento, llegar al core de tus patrones, comportamientos y emociones y sobre todo conciencia continua que te sensibiliza a ir entendiéndose y sensibilizándote a nuestra propia humanidad. Un tipo de terapia, donde el con su conocimiento, experiencia y habilidad te va llevando de la mano al lado más obscuro y así al más brillante de tu persona (luz y sombra). Humano, ameno, sensible, empatico, risueño, y con mano amiga y esperanzadora.”

María Eugenia Amaya (BUI), Ser Familia

“Life changing.”

Paul Langendorf, M and M Auto

“When you engage with Jesus you’ll get a warm soul designed to teach with affection.”

“Monarch Leaders utilizes advanced techniques to get to the 5% quicker. Easier.”


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