Maximize Your Strengths and Your Team’s Strengths

Do you have a plan to build your team’s strengths? With the challenge of many of us working virtually, how are you connecting with your team as a leader? How will you continue to build company culture?

I have developed a seminar series of modules to guide leaders through a process called Transformative Leadership. This approach brings awareness to where leaders and their teams are and inspire positive change to reach new heights.

In these, you and your team can maximize your strengths:

Empathy Module

Learn and strengthen your empathy skills, improve collaboration and create more innovative, productive, and satisfying experiences in the workplace. Learn More

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Team Building Module

Find the most effective way to lead your team based on the stage they are in and also how to move on to the next stage with a clear direction.

Leadership Module

Become a more successful leader by learning to improve communication, make better decisions, manage conflicts and become more aware of your strengths, so you can maximize your potential.


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Monarch 100 is a program to help you bring awareness to where you are as a leader and increase your leadership skills. By answering one question each day and identifying the meaning behind your answers with the 100 Leadership Questions book, it can help you transform as an individual and a more inspirational leader.

You can also answer the questions by downloading the Monarch Leaders™ app. In the app, you will:

  • Receive one new question each day
  • Access resources and tools
  • Learn more about The Monarch Advantage™ and more