Empower Your Team to Gain Clarity and Confidence

One of the important aspects of counseling is having empathy and it’s hard to overestimate just how important empathy is in creating and leading a successful business. Counseling includes addressing and resolving past performance issues and empowers the team to gain clarity and confidence and increase awareness through positive emotions and behavior. Counseling is part of the humanistic movement in psychology and can give you the opportunity to accompanying your team through the process to maximize their potential.




Increased awareness

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Transformative Leadership

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. The key to growth is knowing which leadership stage you and your team are in. As founder of Monarch Leaders, Jesús de la Garza specializes in transforming the way leaders think through Transformative Leadership. This approach brings awareness to where leaders and their teams are in terms of their leadership cycle and inspires growth to reach new heights.