Encourage Your Team to Commit to Taking Action and Reach Their Goals

Coaching is an encouraging and creative process that provides your team the opportunity to do their best work. The methodology of coaching enables the individual to move from where they are now to the goal they are wanting to achieve in the future. In order to make it successful, the individual needs to have a commitment of taking action and clarity of the goal they are wanting to achieve. Through this process they set and achieve goals, strengthen their skills, knowledge and performance. In addition, it can help you and your team gain clarity and establish what works and what doesn’t.

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Transformative Leadership

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. The key to growth is knowing which leadership stage you and your team are in. As founder of Monarch Leaders, Jesús de la Garza specializes in transforming the way leaders think through Transformative Leadership. This approach brings awareness to where leaders and their teams are in terms of their leadership cycle and inspires growth to reach new heights.