In other words, when being empathetic with someone, you have the ability to connect and disengage from the person, story and decision making. You will accompany the individual on the path they decide to take trusting in their own capacity/ability in their decision making.

This is a very relevant question during these times. Recently, I have heard people speaking about empathy, or lack of it, quite a bit; trying to explain the uncertainty and unrest of these challenging times.

Simplicity is a concept that we used to talk about frequently before COVID-19. This concept has taken a more protagonist role after the quarantine. Think about the things you considered important before the pandemic, then think about those now. Are they relevant today? Make a list and compare. You will be surprised by the differences.

The lotus flower blossoms in the middle of the mud to become a beautiful gift of nature. It does not stop growing under any circumstances or adversity. As leaders, this is the time for us to blossom in the midst of this chaotic environment, rise to the occasion and show what we are made of.

Are the decisions you are making aligning with your values and vision? Currently, there is an overwhelming flow of information about crisis management. As leaders, we need to understand when to intervene when things are not progressing as desired. How can we respond and take action towards reverting this global pandemic we are experiencing?

Have you ever been in a meeting and wondered “What is my win for this meeting?” Start by asking yourself, "What is the one thing you want to accomplish?" Learn more about how to increase the effectiveness of your meetings with one simple tool.

WHO DO YOU WANT TO BE AS A LEADER AND WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO YOU? Having clear answers to these questions can bring awareness to who you are as a leader and inspire you to grow as an individual. In addition, you can better identify...

BEING A LEADER, you have the ability and aspiration to guide your team to achieve a common goal, but it can sometimes be challenging. These challenges can impact every facet of your business from having disengaged employeesto inefficiencies and internal conflicts to not meeting sales...

Stop, Start And Continue is a tool used in strategic planning and many companies. During this exercise, ask your team to tell you 2-3 things you need to stop doing, start doing and continue doing. This can help reduce the blind window and provide feedback...

Transformative Leadership

Just like a monarch butterfly, leaders have different cycles of growth. The key to growth is knowing which leadership stage you and your team are in. As founder of Monarch Leaders, Jesús de la Garza specializes in transforming the way leaders think through Transformative Leadership. This approach brings awareness to where leaders and their teams are in terms of their leadership cycle and inspires growth to reach new heights.